About HEAL initiative

H.E.A.L -Heritage Emergency Action Lebanon is an all-Lebanese online platform allowing Lebanese citizens from all over the world to donate for the urgent reconstruction and repair of inhabited houses and buildings built as per traditional techniques, that were damaged by the blast of the Beirut port of august 4, 2020.

Go to 'Adopt a House'* or 'Various Repair' sections to know more about our crowdfunding options. Heritage Emergency Action Lebanon- is an initiative by the Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage, sponsored by FFA Private Bank.'

*when/if available

منصة لجمع التبرعات لإعادة تأهيل المنازل والمباني المأهولة التراثية أو المبنية حديثاً وفق الطرق التقليدية و المتضررة من جراء إنفجار مرفأ بيروت في 4 آب 2020.


As various NGOs (local and foreign) are already doing a great and heroic work in alleviating the plight of Beirutis, they are doing so from different angles; some provide psychological help, others offer medical assistance and some assist in foods and clothing. Various non-profits are supplying materials for the protection of damaged buildings like and materials for rebuilding. As a heritage-oriented NGO, our crowdfunding efforts go towards rebuilding/repairing inhabited heritage buildings that were damaged by the Beirut blast.

The HEAL website provides a real-time donation monitor, with Monthly updates about the spent and raised funds.
The funds themselves are used to buy materials and architectural/engineering services. 

All spendings and updates appear on either the various repairs or the adopt a house* section.
*When/if available.

The idea germinated during an ESA meeting in Beirut on September 16. Studying its feasibility, gathering its data, presenting it to sponsors, preparing a campaign and launching it to the public is why it couldn't realistically be launched earlier.

A heritage building reflects the identity of those who built it, and identity is how people think, behave, feel, worship and make art. Identity is a people's soul. It is people who build their heritage and preserving that heritage is a tribute to its people and their culture.

In the 'Act Now' section, are 2 tabs: "Various Repairs» and «Adopt a house». Donations made in the «various repairs» section are assembled in bulk and are then used to buy building materials and architectural/engineering services for any inhabited traditional house/building in urgent need of repair works. the «Adopt A House»* (When/if available) section donations go to the repairing and rehabilitation of specific houses that are listed in that section. Both sections have their respective live crowdfunding counters.

The APLH is a Lebanese non-profit established on October 17, 2010. It has conducted numerous legal actions against illegal heritage demolition, published the gazette 'Of Men & Ruins'and among its activities are 2 filmed documentaries and 2 books. Its permit number is 1764.


Knowing where your help goes and how it is spent, is the core pillar of this initiative.

Featuring a real-time crowdfunding monitor, H.E.A.L ensures continuous tracking of donations to either the 'Various repairs' section or to the 'Adopt A House' (When/if available) donation section, where specific buildings are listed.

H.E.A.L updates you weekly on the restoration and repair works that your donations have helped achieve.
Check the 'Updates' section to receive news on the latest rehabilitation works.

Built by the Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage, H.E.A.L initiative is an all-Lebanese engine facilitating the help of affected Beiruti families to rebuild their life after it has been shattered by the Beirut Port explosion, threatening an already fragile social fabric.

Its secure donation platform allows a transparent and trackable relief process that can be monitored and checked at all times.

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