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4 AUG 2020

4 AUGUST 2020

The APLH is in contact with multiple organizations and non-profits working to assist in rebuilding Beirut's cultural heritage and social fabric. Donating in this section helps rais funds to help various ongoing heritage rebuilding projects taking place in the Beirut Sinistered Area (BSA).

Your donation can be a one-timer or a recurring one.

Site visitors can track the crowdfunding process of this section alone as well.

*When/If available

We want to show that Lebanese solidarity knows no borders and we want you to help us prove it.

We have started with 2 buildings 'to adopt', with extensive details on every building in question.

Click on the building thumbnails on the right to read about their condition and their repairs costs, as well as getting to know more about the people who inhabit them.

Choose Where Your Donation Goes

Choose any of the Below allocations so that your donation goes specifically to the type of help you exactly intend.
Each type of repair will feature its respective accumulated USD allocation.

Structural Repairs
Arches, Arcades
Plumbing, Sealing
Windows, Balconies
Lighting & Electrical

Support by Subscribing

Support the rebuilding of Beirut in the way that suits you.

Become a #Proudbacker by selecting the plan and the time period of your choice.
Healing the world begins from home.


Knowing where your help goes and how it is spent, is the core pillar of this initiative.

Featuring a real-time crowdfunding monitor powered by FFA Private Bank, H.E.A.L ensures continuous tracking of donations to either the 'Various repairs' or to the specific buildings in the 'Adopt A House' donation section.

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